why i am

by Tyler Seton

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I wanted something gritty and raw so I called up my good friend Nick and got to work. Using nothing but what equipment he had, my guitar, and my vocals we sat down to make my first EP. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This is an amazing organization that reaches out to those in need and also helps raise awareness of a world wide epidemic. Please help by donating to a foundation built around 'Understanding and preventing suicide through research, education, and advocacy.' Enjoy the acoustic live feel everyone and remember to live life with an open mind, open heart, and open arms!


released August 1, 2015

All editing and recording credits go to Nick Gonzolas
Guitar and Vocals: Tyler Seton



all rights reserved


Tyler Seton Stonington, Connecticut

Tyler Seton is my musician name but most people know me as Tyler Scheckenberger. I grew up in Chesterfield, NJ most of my life. I am here to make a difference, to inspire, and to share my love of music with the world.You have to suffer before you can succeed, that's why we are starving artists. I know my day will come, and when it does, I'll be ready. ... more

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Track Name: Everyone's Got the Same Old Scars
No matter what I do I’m a broken man,
The past always haunts us, but now I understand,
These memories of pain are a blessing in disguise,
Without them our scars would be nothing but lines,

Don’t make them be who you are,
Everyone’s got the same old scars,
We’ve all been beaten down the same,
So all you can do is love yourself, you’re not the one to blame,
No you’re not the one to blame,

When I lost my father I nearly lost my head,
How can someone I love so dear be so soon laid to rest,
He told me not to settle so now I do believe,
That thanks to you father I’m following my dreams,

Sure things still get hard,
They still do to this day,
But I use his story as reminder,
That things don’t have to be this way,
No they don’t have to be this way,

I know it isn’t easy, I know it makes you choke,
But that’s what makes us human and stronger with the hopes,
Of never digging our own graves too early in our lives,
Just loving one another in hopes the other might,
Take from this and learn from this,
And hold each other close, just know

Final Chorus
Don’t make it be who you are,
Everyone’s got the same old scars,
Keep them there as a reminder,
That each one though it pains us it only makes us stronger,

Just believe x 3
Track Name: When I Show Up Just to Leave
I’m getting drunk to hiccup the pain from yesterday,
Closing my eyes as I drive in the pouring rain,
You’re so cold, so cold, so very very cold,
The fire in your eyes doesn’t keep me warm anymore,

I’m sick of these issues with your lustful ways,
There’s no honesty in your trust and that’s just not ok,
Don’t use me, abuse me, and act like you love me,
You said you want to work it out but you don’t even know what “we” means,

I taste your envy,
I smell your fear,
I feel your pain,
Now I’m up and out of here,
listen to me, what I say is what I mean,
Sometimes it’s just better when I show up,
When I show up just to leave,

I asked you the question more than just one time,
What’s the point of repeating it with uncertainty in your eyes?
Don’t lie, don’t lie, it will only fuck you worse,
And put my heart in a pinewood box,
6 feet beneath the earth,

Why do I feel sorry? Did I pressure you to love me?
Your face hides behind your lies, why couldn’t you just trust me?
My minds like a tornado throwing caution to the wind,
If you couldn’t’ve handled that why not just break it off then?

I taste your envy,
I smell your fear,
I feel your pain,
Now get the hell out of here,
Just listen to me, what I say is what I mean,
Don’t make me stay when I’ve shown up just to leave,

Now this just isn’t fair on my end at all,
I know I’ll find love again,
She’ll love me differences and all,
Why’d you go, and flush it down the drain,
I’ll be ok, be ok, be ok,
I’m the bigger man, it’s here I take my stand,
Cause loves gonna find me, loves gonna find me in the end,

Final Chorus
I’ve tasted your envy,
I’ve seen your fears,
I’m done feeling pain,
I’m up and out of here,
Gonna do my thing and just keep being me,
I’m grateful for that day that I showed up,
I showed up just to leave
Track Name: Anxiety
Verse I
Can’t seem to catch a break
And I do not want to quit,
Say I’ll smoke just one more cigarette,
Just one more pack, I swear that’s it,
My mind wont be quiet,
No it wont leave me alone,
Sometimes I just want to be up all night,
With you on the telephone,
Even though,
Not many words will be said,
But that’s ok, we prefer the silence,
Unlike my sub concious thoughts,
They’re always finding nonsense,

So I, close my eyes, then ask myself “ what the hell am I’m thinking?”
Tell myself it’s just a game, dodge a bullet, stop the drinking,
While the rezon in my lungs keeps my head from over heating,
I know that in the long run I’ll be ok as long my heart is beating,
For you,

Verse II
Anxiety, Anxiety, why must you complicate things,
Telling me it’s ok to think insanely overwhelming feelings,
Shut up, shut up, shut up in there cant you tell that I am happy,
For once now in my life I am done feeling so fucking crappy,

So I, accept it all as it is, and start a new beggining,
You must first accept yourself before you can fully start the healing.
While the rezon in my lungs keeps my head from over thinking,
It can only prolong the inevitable before it starts repeating,

Close my eyes,
I see you,
Breath real deep,
Your love is so true,
You heal me,
Like love’s supposed to do,
I thank god every day for meeting you,

Verse III
Anxiety, anxiety, welcome to the party,
I’m thankful that you came, after all you are a part of me,
This here is love, it’s so great to introduce you two,
Thanks to love I’ve finally accepted every single part of you
Track Name: Out of the Dark
Woke up refreshed, renewed, reborn,
Now I know what I want, and I want it even more,
It’s a funny story how things got where they are,
I’ll take it day by day, open mind, open heart,

Take hold, take a breath,
Exhale all your problems, do more, worry less,
Ready aim, give it hell,
Wear your heart on your sleeve and fight through the hail,
Never say never and never give up,
Just keep having faith and believe in good luck,
Take a stand, leave your mark,
And follow the light out of the dark,

I used to believe that my life was a game,
I’ve wrong many people and sulked in my shame,
But thanks to redemption I know now how to play,
You learn from these things, there’s life lessons to gain,

Stand up, shout it out (shout it out),
Live life to the fullest and fuck/forget all the doubt,
Reach real deep, deep inside,
Lift up your heart and let it shine like a light,
Always remember you are who you are,
Live life, love all, stand up and take charge,
Take a stand, leave your mark,
And follow the light out of the dark

You feeling down? Turn right side up,
Don’t say you wanna quit then not give a fuck,
Don’t feed your demons, don’t let them win,
The minute you do they’ll be under your skin,
They’ll push you, berate you, tear your walls down,
Stand up with your army, and slay them all down,
Track Name: Crescent Moon
I remember that night in the cool night sand,
Laughing, dancing, kissing, with wine in our hands,
I kiss you softly and whisper this to you,
You’re all that I want, and for you my heart stands true,
I could kiss you, love you, hold you,
Until our life is through,
Lay with me and dream of ever after,
Neath this crescent moon,

We found love underneath the stars,
It’s so befitting that I brought this here guitar,
To sing you to sleep my little lightning bug,
Light up my way, show me what it means to love,
And when things get real heated, we will work it out,
I look forward to our misconceptions, late night fights,
And obvious fearful doubts,

All we can be is patient,
Knuckle down, wait and see,
Even though all I will ever want is you,
I don’t care where we are, where we live, or what it comes down too,
As long as every morning I awake alive and breathing next to you,
Sure we got a bit of time here left to go,
And the distance makes us crazy every day,
It’s too late to back out now,
I swear my life is yours,
Forever more,

We found love underneath the stars,
A bottle of red wine and you nuzzled in my arms,
You wore my cardigan that I gave to you,
That time before we knew what we got ourselves into,
Whenever things get hard I think of that night,
And the nights that I’ll hold you,
So close your eyes and dream of ever after,
Beneath this crescent moon